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Where To Buy Sunline® Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil - Omega 3

In a market flooded with imitations, finding genuine Sunline® Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil is paramount for ensuring the quality and efficacy of your Omega-3 supplements. We are committed to providing our customers with authentic, pure, and effective products.

Purchase with Confidence

To safeguard your health and ensure you’re receiving the authentic benefits of Sunline® Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil, it’s crucial to purchase from authorized suppliers only. Counterfeit and fake products not only fail to deliver the health benefits they promise but may also pose risks to your health.

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Our distributors

We’ve made it easy for you to find genuine Sunline® products.



Address: 305, Ajanta Complex, Gondal Road, Rajkot, India 360002



Contact: +919313829350




Verify Your Purchase

We encourage all our customers to verify the authenticity of their Sunline® Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil (link to Verify page) purchase through our dedicated verification page. This simple step ensures you have received a genuine product, backed by the quality and purity Sunline® is known for.

Stay Informed

Before making a purchase, we urge you to familiarize yourself with the key indicators of authenticity listed on our verification page. From our registered trademark to the clear, non-sticky ingestible softgels, and transparent FSSAI-compliant labels, each detail is designed to assure you of the integrity and authenticity of our products.

Join Us in the Fight Against Counterfeits

By choosing to buy from authorized sources and verifying your purchase, you’re not only protecting your health but also supporting our efforts to combat counterfeit products. Together, we can ensure that every drop of Sunline® Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil you consume is genuine, pure, and beneficial.


The INDIVIDUAL/ ENTITIES  listed below are unauthorized to sell Sunline products in India. We cannot guarantee the AUTHENTICITY of purchased products from these or any other unauthorized companies.

UNAUTHORIZED: OSR IMPEX, New Delhi (Active as SSNC: Sports Supplement Nutrition Co) COUNTERFEIT WEBSITE:

WARNING: Counterfeit Supplements can cause adverse reactions and put your health at serious risk.

Consumers and partners to stay away from any un-authorized importer.


To PURCHASE GENUINE products look for MRP label with name of Rushabh Exports (Musclekart) with unique verify scan code on every SUNLINE® ALASKA DEEPSEA FISHOIL BOTTLE.

If you need to report a retailer who is promoting un-authentic products or want to verify the validity of your purchase, feel free to contact us :